Joel Christopher

name Author, Speaker, Philanthropist,
Master List Builder, Family Man

When Joel Christopher came to the United States from the Philippines on August 8, 1988, he knew nothing about the internet. He was a physical therapist who wanted a better life for his family. Yet today, Joel is known among internet marketing gurus as the "Master List Builder".

Master List Builder
Recognizing the business and marketing potential of the Internet, he started his own online business in late 1999 and launched his first website on January 1, 2000, geared towards providing aspiring Internet entrepreneurs with a step-by-step guide to succeeding online. He was himself merely a beginner, or what he fondly calls a “newbie netpreneur”. After faltering and floundering in his first year online, he attended a live seminar, took a lot of notes and applied what he learned. It only took two months after that for him to become successful enough to quit his job and make a full-time living creating and selling products on the internet.

Since, then, Joel has attended more than 100 live seminars, boot camps and conferences, and has actually spoken at more than half of them on the topic of "opt-in" list building. He has spoken in front of thousands of people in the U.S. and Canada and has shared the stage with many marketing legends such as Ted Nicholas, Joe Sugarman, Robert Allen, Mark Victor Hanson and Mark Joyner.

He has grown his own opt-in list to more than 153,000 newsletter subscribers in just three years. But he earned his "Master List Builder" nickname when he tripled his list to over 30,903 names in only 99 days.

Using the email marketing principles he teaches, he recently demonstrated the power of a huge opt-in email list when his co-authored book "Mining Online Gold With An Offline Shovel: How To Build A Massive Online Mailing List By Mastering Offline Promotion" zoomed to the top of the best-seller list just 13 hours after it was published. Only the pre-release of the latest Harry Potter book beat it to the number one position.

International best-selling author and radio talk show host Mike Litman recently nicknamed Joel Christopher the "Tony Robbins of Internet Marketing" and Randy Gilbert of the "Inside Success" show called him "The Michael Jordan of Internet List Building".

Joel Christopher is the Director and Owner of and He is a consummate entrepreneur who wants to share his passion for self-employment with others because of the time and financial freedom it offers.

In addition,Joel Christopher has made a personal commitment to help young Philippinos receive the education they need to improve their lives. To this end, he has begun a foundation and is donating 100% of his profits from his first book to this cause.

Family Man
Joel's beautiful wife, Sheila, is his constant companion and supporter, as well as playing a key roll in Joel's businesses. They live with their precious daughter Simone in Helotes, Texas

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